Services / Waterproofing, Sealing and Bonding

The water fight is a battle that is not easy to win it. In order to keep water out of the house you need some professional equipment and qualified personnel for the execution of those works. Many beneficiaries do not consider important to use professional solutions to achieve waterproofing and sealing for terraces, basements and roofs. Therefore, after many trials and money spent with various products, they notice that it would be much cheaper if they had been used from the beginning a professional solution applied by professionals.

Waterproofing must be made where there is the slightest possibility for the water to penetrate. The present technology enables sealing of the various elements of the building and when exterior works have failed and when areas which were already waterproofed cannot be stripped. However, these solutions are less cost effective, but they can successfully solve any problem.

In the choice of waterproofing or sealing solution, it must take into account a number of features of the building and its architectural requirements. The selection of the solution can be done together with us, and the technical advice is free and offered before any discussion of price.

Waterproofing, Sealing and Bonding