Services / Repair and Protection of Concrete Structures

The concrete repair technology means to eliminate loose parts and filling the area with high strength mortar in order to ensure the execution of the concrete cover of the reinforcement according to project specifications or to eliminate areas with visible defects after the stripping of concrete.

The repair mortars are special materials, which after pinning provide the necessary strength in areas where due to some casting defects this resistance cannot be achieved.

In areas where the concrete is exposed to aggressive factors (high humidity, salts, aggressive chemicals, etc.) is required the application of protective material. These materials will ensure a long life of the concrete.

The protective materials are applied for foundations, columns, beams and slabs. The decision to apply a material or another according to the specifications provided by the Beneficiary and the characteristics of their technical data sheets. Therefore, before any application it is very important to choose the best material according to its characteristics.

In the portfolio section you can see a series of projects made by us and a brief description of the application.

Repair and Protection of Concrete Structures